Why Choose Georgia International Academy as Your Education Provider?

Why Choose Georgia International Academy as Your Education Provider?

  • Apr. 28, 2021

Georgia International Academy is a private school located inside the communities and subdivisions owned by Mr. Manny B. Villar. The schools are strategically located within these master-planned locations which make it more safe and secure for all its students. This is one of the many reasons why local and foreign residents enrolled their children in Georgia. Being the second home for Georgians, this is where fun learning is experienced and dreams are molded.

Georgia International Academy’s first-ever branch is located inside Camella Savannah Community in the province of Iloilo and and branches out to different locations offering quality education in Maia Alta, Antipolo and Gran Europa, Cagayan De Oro  It expanded to a more dynamic venture through its newest sister school, Little Georgia Academy with branches inside VistaMall Taguig and Sta. Rosa and inside condominiums, Laureano di Trevi in Makati and The Currency in Ortigas.

Georgia International Academy - Iloilo campus located in Oton, Iloilo is the first to offer progressive education with the integration of international programs. With its progressive education, students have the opportunity to experience a different approach focusing on teacher and student-directed experience which makes students an active constructor of learning in contrast to the traditional schools, where learning is teacher-directed and students are passive recipients of the information. With the progressive approach, students learn through experiences and hands-on activities that provide holistic development which helps them excel in the fields of Academics, Art and Athletics.

Educational Offerings

Georgia International Academy offers preschool to senior high school programs which are aligned to the K-12 Curriculum and competencies set by the Department of Education.

The school’s preschool program has 3 levels, Junior Nursery, Senior Nursery, and Kindergarten. Its preschool department can accommodate students as young as three years old by the end of August in the particular school year for its Junior Nursery Level. At four years old, the child can join the Senior Nursery class. The official schooling of the child starts at Kindergarten. In this level, the pupils are given a Learner's Reference Number or LRN. LRN is a twelve-digit number unique to every student. This number serves as an identity of the student while completing the years for the basic education program. During the preschool levels, the students are trained to appreciate the love for learning. With age-appropriate activities, they are able to develop firm foundational skills they for lifelong learning.

Georgia International Academy’s elementary education, it is categorized into two levels, the Primary Level (Grade 1 to Grade 3) and Intermediate Level (Grade 4 to Grade 6). The Primary Levels are referred to as the years after preschool and are still considered as part of Early Childhood Education because of some overlapping objectives of both levels. For example, both aim for the child’s physical and cognitive development and so on which is why students are given activities targeted to these areas aiding their growth. In the Intermediate Level, they are trained to be independent learners in preparation for their high school years. 

Georgia International Academy’s high school programs are categorized into two groups: Junior High School (Grade 7 to Grade 10) and Senior High School levels (Grade 11 and 12). The Senior High School program was offered in 2016 in Iloilo following DepEd’s addition of the level in the curriculum prescribed by the department. This aims to prepare the young adults to be workforce-ready before they proceed to the tertiary level. 

Currently, Georgia offers the four academic strands for its Senior High School Program: 1.) ABM (Accounting, Business, and Management)  2.) HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) 3.) GAS (General Academic Strand) 4.) STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). One of the advantages of the SHS program of Georgia International Academy is the Internship Assistance Program. As the educational arm of the Villar Group of Companies, Georgia partners with its affiliates from the group like Get All, Crown Asia, Brittany, Vista Residences, Camella, Coffee Project, Vita Care, Allhome, AllDay, and the rest of its sister companies. By providing this opportunity to be part of the growing, stable, and well-known companies, the school gives better chances of employment to Georgia’s Senior High Schools graduates once they step out to be part of the professional world.

Georgia International Academy's Online Class

The Global Health Crisis that we experienced in 2020 opened up a new challenge to Georgia’s education system. Georgia International Academy braved the storm and provocation by launching the Georgia Academy Online Learning Program in April 2020.

This transformation made sure that no Georgians were left behind during the education system’s transition to online learning. Georgia International Academy offered a Bridging Program which was conducted during the first two weeks before the formal classes started. The program was created to orient and set the students and parents' expectations for virtual classes.

During the Bridging Program, Georgia International Academy used reliable platforms to make these transitions possible. For Online Education, students are given their own individual and personal GSuite accounts to access the learning platforms and be able to utilize applications during their live interactive and home-based activities.  The GSuite comprises different platforms that can be used through cloud services that are easier and faster to access for the students. It includes Google Classroom for offline activities, Google Meet for virtual classes, Google Form for assessment tasks, Google Calendar for the schedule of classes, and Gmail for the announcements and communication. Apart from the GSuite for online education, the zoom meeting application is the secondary tool for video conferencing. In these virtual classes, students are still required to use physical textbooks or ebooks as supplementary tools. 

Georgia International Academy’s Online Learning Program also offers various assistance for both parents through its Parent Support Program and students' psycho-spiritual well-being in the Mental Wellness Program. The school believes that parents play an important role in this new set-up and that they will help add value to the students’ learning experience in online education.  The Guidance Office of the school sees to it that the students maintain healthy social-emotional well-being despite the remote setup.

Aside from quality education and reliable learning modalities, Georgia International Academy is also located near gated master-planned communities like Bria Homes, Lumina Homes, Camella, Brittany and Lessandra. These communities add assurance for your children's safety and security. As Georgia continues to develop its curriculum and prepare for any scenarios that may arise for the school years to come, Georgia will continue to mold students to be Great Thinkers, Great Communicators, and Great Leaders! 

Interested to enroll for the next school year 2021-2022? You may check on the admission requirements here or inquire on Facebook.