Why Cambridge International Curriculum?

  • Jul. 22, 2021
Why Cambridge International Curriculum?

A curriculum is a standard-based sequence that includes the knowledge and skills to be taught, acquired, and/or experience in the academic classroom. It is an essential guide for both teachers and learners. It serves as a great map, organizing and outlining where to go and how to get there.

Educators and students might have a hard time taking the journey of learning if they don’t have a curriculum that maps out the correct path to success. Without a planned outcome and goal, they will not know how to proceed. Thus, the curriculum is the key to both the teaching and learning process, especially for international schools. A good curriculum must include goals, methods, materials, and assessment. 


Goals are set in the curriculum for the students and the teachers to know the standards and the expectations for the academic classes. It should be able to encompass the knowledge of a given subject and the specific details to focus on. 


To create meaningful and engaging learning to all students, methods are included in the curriculum. It includes instructional decisions, approaches, procedures, and routines for teachers that will help students to understand and apply topics learned. This will also allow the teachers to keep track of the student’s progress.


To implement methods and effectively achieve the goals, materials are a part of the curriculum. These are tools carefully chosen to support student’s learning. 


Gathering information about the student’s learning level and needs is a part of the curriculum. This process is called assessment in the curriculum. This allows the teachers to document the student’s grasp of the lessons and topics. The information gathered is used to make informed decisions on the learning and teacher approaches used in the classroom for future instruction.

It is no exaggeration to say that the curriculum is the primary factor that affects a child's success. That’s why it is also one of the things that parents and/or students must consider when enrolling in a school, may it be in a public school, private school, or an international school. They have to make sure that their child’s “second home'' will be supported by a solid curriculum. It guides the students’ future. Hence, it is important to have not just a curriculum, but a well-developed and effective one. A curriculum that allows teachers to be flexible, productive, and efficient while guiding students in the learning process. All of this speaks about the world-renowned Cambridge International Curriculum

Cambridge Pathway

The Cambridge Curriculum has been used in more than 160 countries to provide a high-quality instructional program making a clear path for educational success from preschool to senior high school. The Cambridge pathway consists of 4 groups which are Cambridge Primary for 5 to 11 years old, Cambridge Lower Secondary for 11 to 14 years old, Cambridge Upper Secondary for 14 to 16 years old and Cambridge Advance for 16 to 19 years old.

Georgia International Academy Partnership with Cambridge University Press Georgia International Academy has opened the doors for every student to experience world-class opportunities at this time of pandemic by partnering with Cambridge University Press in providing learning resources and materials in English, Math, and Science which helps the learners be motivated every step of the way. Academic excellence is valued and accepted worldwide which makes it perfect for children's education. The school has now joined other prestigious schools which utilize this well-designed curriculum.

Why did Georgia choose the Cambridge Curriculum?

Global Standard for Education

Georgia has always wanted its students to achieve their dreams and sees Cambridge international education as a major contribution for Georgians to gain essential skills they need for success. This curriculum aims to make students global citizens and encourages learners to develop top-level thinking skills: problem-solving, critical thinking, research, collaboration, writing, and presenting arguments. These skills surely help students prepare for their future lives and their role as productive citizens. This flexible, inspiring, and challenging curriculum, also develops a learner's curiosity. -- to create a lasting passion for learning.

Develops real-life skills beneficial for students

Many of us love to observe, experiment, and acquire knowledge every day. However, we don't want these discoveries to be lost in our minds and eventually forgotten. The Cambridge Curriculum is a skill-based curriculum that could help learners discover and apply what they have learned, to real-life situations. Students take ownership of their learning, with their teachers as their guide. With this, learning becomes more meaningful, as students get to enhance their knowledge and skills on their own. 

They are the ones who find answers to their questions and seek solutions to their problems. Furthermore, this curriculum is about learning a concept and applying it to practical problems. Since it is skill-based, it lets the students handle hands-on activities, and focuses not just on acquired knowledge, but also on their ability to apply it to their everyday experiences. Consequently, learners would be able to appreciate what they learn every day, for they can see how these lessons apply to their daily lives. 

Provides Global Opportunities for students

Professionals believe that the Cambridge Curriculum is superb preparation for university, providing students with essential skills: the ability to analyze concepts, synthesize ideas, and communicate. Cambridge learners are known to be responsible and can express their views and opinions; confident in sharing the answers with others; reflective and independent; innovative and creative; and curious about new ideas. 

The Cambridge International curriculum is very beneficial in different ways. First, it develops real-life English skills that help learners be more globally competitive and communicate effectively. This also improves the child’s ability in speaking and writing. Second, it includes exams for a range of levels that assess and ensure student’s learning. Third, it is backed by world-class research. Fourth, it is international and available worldwide, as it is renowned for its effectiveness.

Teachers under this Curriculum are deeply satisfied with the performance of their students. The curriculum is secure, reliable, and fair. Lastly, it is fully supported by a wide range of learning and teaching resources far beyond those normally available to Filipino students. 

All things considered, we are confident that the Cambridge Curriculum is the one that will satisfy all parents, teachers, and students. Moreover, this curriculum provides all the bold idea learning outcomes for 21st Century Skills: critical thinking and problem solving, initiative, discovery and inquiry, creative thinking and innovations, and collaboration. It helps students meet the real aim of education. Cambridge Curriculum is a world-class method that can produce outstanding, excellent young men and women, who will contribute mightily to our own society, and around the globe. It is a giant step forward for Georgia International Academy and our students.