Do you accept debit and credit card payment?

Yes through our website. Other payment platforms are bank deposit, ALLEASY, GCASH/ PAYMAYA/ Online Transfer.

What are the available payment schemes?

You may choose from our Annual,  Semi-Annual, Quarterly and Monthly payment schemes. 

Do you have discounts?

There are two types of discounts at Georgia International Academy. Early Bird Discount and Sibling Discount. The Early Bird Discount is given to students who enroll in a specific period of time prior to the start of the school year and Sibling Discount is given to families with 2 or more children enrolled in the schools of Georgia International Academy. Terms and Conditions apply and may be requested from the Admission Office. 

Do you accept DepEd vouchers?

Yes, we accept Private and Public Vouchers issued by the Department of Education.

Scholarship programs

We provide scholarship programs once you are already part of the school. We can provide Academic Scholarships. However, for the meantime, we accept third party scholarships.

What are the admission requirements?


  1. PSA/NSO Birth Certificate
  2. 2pcs 2x2 ID Photo


  1. Original Copy of Report Card (Form 138)
  2. Transcript of Records (Form 137)
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  4. PSA Birth Certificate
  5. 2pcs 2x2 ID Photo


Are we going to use hardcopy books or are we going to use the PDF/Softcopy version?

The school offers hard copy and soft copy versions of the Cambridge books and soft copy resources.

How long are the class hours?

Last school year 2021 to 2022, synchronous classes are  40/minutes per session, thrice a week via ZOOM Meeting Application. Non-Academic subjects were up to 40/minutes per session, twice a week via ZOOM Meeting Application.

This school year, 2021 to 2022, we have upgraded our live classes and added minutes to provide more facilitation and guidance to the students along with the additional coding and robotics subjects to help them adapt to the needs of the situation.

How many students per class?

For the Online sessions, we accommodate a minimum of ten students per class for Kindergarten, and for Grade school to Senior High School,  we accommodate a minimum of twenty students per class. With these, students can still be engaged and provided with experiential and fun learning. 

This maintains a small class size providing an individualized approach to every student. This provides proper assessment and monitoring to every child present in the class. 

Do you have support programs?

Georgia International Academy is proud to have the Parent Support Program. These are series of webinars during the School Year to assist and guide you.T his will help you manage your time doing your work and helping your children. We commit to deliver quality education and standards even as we go online.

At the same time, the school offers enrichment or after-school programs that can help students achieve academic break now that students may experience academic online fatigue throughout their classes. 

The school offers a variety of programs from arts, ballet, coding, taekwondo, mandarin and a lot more! 

How’s the schedule if we’re overseas?

Georgia International Academy designed afternoon or PM schedules (Philippine Time) for students who are residing outside the country. Currently, we have select grade levels with sessions in the afternoon. Schedules per grade levels may be given upon request and will depend on the current schedule of classes. 

 However, morning and afternoon sessions are readily available for our preschoolers (Junior Nursery to Kindergarten Levels) to give way to the developmental growth and availability of the children. 

Do you accept PWD and SPED?

Georgia International Academy accepts Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and with Special Needs(SPED)  as part of its inclusive community. The child needs to undergo an assessment to be given by the Academics Team and Guidance office  before enrolling and the parents must present their updated physician's report to properly assess the child's potential behavior and academic performance. With these, no students are left behind. 

It is our goal to provide quality education for all students. 


What is Georgia’s modality of learning? 

In line with the recent situation, Georgia International Academy will be implementing purely ONLINE classes. Upon assessment or recommendation by the DepEd and IATF that it is safe to conduct in-school classes, the school will be implementing blended or face-to-face classes in the succeeding school year following strict safety and precautionary measures of physical distancing, sanitation, etc..

During these times, Georgia International Academy is currently upgrading its facilities and programs in preparation of the face-to-face classes. 

How to do it online?

Georgia Academy has been doing Online Learning since the start of the Pandemic 2020. We started going ONLINE  for more than 2 months through our Online Summer Camps where we have delivered and supported more than 7000  children and parents nationwide.  We make sure that along with the age appropriate programs and healthy screen times, our students experience a quality way of learning. The teachers will be available to support the parents for the proper guidance and instructions and materials to be used are readily available at home.

Can I have the option to do pure online schooling throughout S.Y.?

Online classes will be readily available in the succeeding semesters. This allows foreign students and those residing outside Antipolo, Iloilo, and Cagayan De Oro to finish the whole school year. Wherever you are, Georgia International Academy welcomes you to be part of its inclusive community where education continues despite the pandemic. Currently, the school accepts students all over the Philippines and those residing overseas to cater to the demands of the current situation. 

What are the online learning platforms to be used?

The students are given their individual accounts to access the GSuite for Education. It consists of Google Classroom, Google Meet, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs, etc., Zoom Meeting Application is used as a secondary platform for synchronous classes. 

The parents are also given their own individual Google account to be able to access and track the students' progress and performance in all subjects which provides a more transparent and up-to-date monitoring. 

What are the minimum requirements that we should have for online schooling?

At Georgia International Academy's synchronous classes, it is important to have a reliable internet connection and devices like laptop, desktop, tablet, and smartphone where the students can properly see the teachers and their classmates. 

At Georgia International Academy, we recommend students to have their own learning space, a table and chair and a space at home where distractions like toys and even siblings are away for them to focus on their classes.

What if we have an unstable internet connection? What are the interventions?

Our programs are a combination of Online and Home-based activities. Activities are done either Online or Offline. Instructional materials can be downloaded and saved from Google Classroom for future reference. The school is transitioning to the use of its Georgia International Academy Cloud Learning Management System and modules and activities are uploaded to be able to provide a clear and up to date classes and programs for preschool to senior high school. 

What are your hardware recommendations?

Our students’ schedules follow age-appropriate and healthy screen times for synchronous and asynchronous learning activities.

Laptop or Desktop

  • 2.2 GHz Intel 9th generation i3 or higher

  • 4GB RAM (Random Access Memory)

  • 128 disk space

  • Webcam

Tablet or iPad

  • Android OS 8 or higher / iPad 6th generation or higher

  • 2GHz processor speed or higher

  • 128 disk space


When do classes start?

The start of classes for Georgia International Academy Antipolo, Iloilo, and Cagayan De Oro campuses started last August 9, 2021. We are still accepting enrollees for this school year until October 20, 2021, for preschool to senior high school. Our Preschool level, Junior Nursery for three years old as of October 31, 2021, and Senior Nursery as of October 2021, for four years old, levels will be accepting enrollees the whole year-round.  

What are your program offerings?

Georgia International Academy is an international school offering programs for preschool to senior higschool. The school is partnered with international industry partners like CompTIA, Computing Technology Industry Association, issuing professional IT Certifications for Senior High School Students., Felta Multimedia, providing Coding and Robotics programs, and University Camrbidge Press for its UK Curriculum resources. 

What are your international partnerships?

Georgia International Academy partnered with Cambridge University Press for its materials and resources in English, Mathematics, and Science integrated in the learning management system. Code.Org and Felta Multimedia for Coding and Robotics programs and CompTIA, Computing Technology Industry Association, for professional certifications. 

The international partners are currently expanding to cater to all levels from preschool to senior high school to provide quality and globally recognized education that will create Great Leaders, Great Communicators and Great Thinkers. 

What are your tracks and strands for senior high school?

The Senior High School Program offers all the Academic Strands. ABM for Accounting, Business and Management, STEM for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, HUMSS for Humanities and Social Sciences, and GAS for General Academic Strand.

On top of the senior high school program of Georgia, International Academy is the CompTIA certification, IT+ Fundamentals which provides students a competitive edge and relevance in their chosen careers.