World Science Month

Georgia International Academy, an international school located in the Philippines, celebrated its World Science Month with the theme, “Building Climate-Ready Communities”. 

The celebration’s objectives were to strengthen our students’ awareness on the role of science for peaceful and fairer societies; promote local and international unity towards shared science between countries; renew national and international commitments for the use of science for the benefit of societies; and draw attention to the challenges faced by science and raise support for scientific behavior. 

Lots of activities were conducted during the month long celebration and these programs were participated by our preschool to high school students. 

November 11 to 19

The Creation of “Community/ Ecosystem Diorama / 3D Miniature” 

The output expected from the preschool to high school students were to show renewable resources like solar energy, wind energy, heat of the earth as geothermal,, plant materials for biomass, waves, ocean currents, temperature differences in the oceans and the energy of the tides. 

The students were assigned with community or ecosystem per department and classroom-based presentations were done for the judging and screening. 

November 16 to 19 

The Making of Urban Gardening Using Recyclable Materials

The students used recyclable containers, gardening tools and seeds like eggplant, tomato, bottle gourd, string bean, gumbo, upland, water spinach, mustard, cabbage, Malabar Spinach, Jute leaves, and onions. The guidelines and rubrics were presented to each level’s respective Science teacher and were posted in the Learning Management System, GIACLOUD. 

The Preparation of “Go Bag”

The activity promoted the importance of Go Bag to the students whenever they are traveling. When there’s a disaster, it is important to be prepared and have the right supplies on hand. Emergency prepared kits or disaster kits can help people survive after a disaster occurs. 

November 29

The Community Song

All students of Georgia International Academy of Antipolo prepared and practiced for the song “Earth Were in It Together”  during their homeroom time. It was presented live during their culminating activity where they wore white gloves on their hands. 

The Science Month ended with the culminating activity where output from all the Performance Tasks were presented like the Go Bag, Diorama and The Community Song. It was attended by esteemed heads and guests in the preschool to the senior high school levels. 

We know that climate change is really a threat not just to our country but to the whole world. Educating the younger generations to the potential solutions as soon as now, can help us shape a brighter future toward a peaceful world.