English Literacy Month

During the month of September of 2021, Georgia International Academy Antipolo campus, one of the international schools in the Philippines, celebrated English Literacy Month with the theme “Be the SPARK”. A light bulb has always been a symbol of intelligence or a pop up of a great idea. As we combine this symbol together with the  “Literacy Month”, the theme, “Be the SPARK” lit up. The event encouraged our students to be the source of new knowledge and new discoveries for their generation in line with the English subject.

In this celebration, the students understood that learning and being literate is not just based on books but also their own learnings and skills to make another fellow literate and be unique in their own way, hence, being an inspiration and the “spark” to enlighten other’s light bulb and be the “spark” of others too. 

The school initiated various activities that enabled the spark and brought light to our students despite the current situation and for this celebration, activities that brought out the best of our students were done and the activities were as follows: Word and Quote of the Day, D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read, Poetry Writing, Vocabulary Hat for Primary Department up to Junior School Department, Poetry REcitation for Primary Department, Trivia of the Day, Essay Writing for Grade 3 to 10, Spellbound, a Spelling Bee Contest, Vocabu-nary and English Quiz Bee as the Culminating Activity, 

The Culminating Day was held last September 30, 2021. Instructions, guidelines and rubrics for the related performance tasks were sent through the Learning Management System, GiACloud and google classrooms. Students wore their house colored shirts and vocabulary hats that represented their houses.