Math Month 2022

Math Month 2022

As we welcome a new beginning for the students of Georgia International Academy, the school also celebrated Math month with the theme:”You can Count on Me, I Count on You!” Learning Math together amidst the Pandemic. 

The celebration aimed to inform the students that in line with the international calendar, starting this year, every month of January will be the celebration of the Math Month .First is to instill in the minds of students of Georgia International Academy the importance of harmoniously working together despite the pandemic and the situations that we are facing, through the various House activities. Second is to recognize the outstanding students per level in the area of Mathematics. Third is for the students to showcase their talents through the output of various tasks assigned to them.And lastly, for them to learn sportsmanship and healthy competition even though we are online. 

The celebration of the math month comprised of various

activities such as: 

Mathematician for the Day 

In this activity, each student presented a mathematician and his/her contribution in the field of Mathematics. For Grades 1 to 3, the activity was character impersonation and for Grades 4 to 10, it was slide presentation. The guidelines and rubrics were presented by their respective math teachers and posted in the Learning Management System, GIACloud. The students submitted their pre-recorded presentations and slides to their respected Math teachers which were also graded as part of their performance tasks. 

Braves Math Wizard 

The invitation and guidelines were sent to the qualified students and to their parents. 

Math Storytelling and Short Video Tutorial

The Math Storytelling activity was for the Grades 1 to 3 or Primary level and the Short Video Tutorial was for Grade 4 to 10 students that served as an individual performance task. Guidelines and rubrics were presented and posted to the Learning Management System. The Brave MAth Wizard’s participants were exempted in these performance tasks. The MAth Storytelling and Short Video Tutorial performance tasks were in collaboration with the English Department and Computer Science Department, respectively. 

Braves Math Jingle Contest

The activity was a group activity and collaborative performance tasks of Grades 1 to 10 where the guidelines and rubrics were represented and posted in the GIACloud Learning Management System. These Performance Tasks were in collaboration with MAPEH and English Departments.