5 Colleges in Mindanao for HUMSS Graduates

  • Aug. 12, 2021
5 Colleges in Mindanao for HUMSS Graduates

HUMSS is the abbreviation for Humanities and Social Sciences which is one of the strands or the academic tracks of the Senior High School program of the Department of Education here in the Philippines. Humanities are the disciplines that study the human condition, practicing primarily critical, speculative, or analytical methods. Social Sciences are fields of study that may entail more empirical methods to consider society and human behavior, including linguistics, education, anthropology, political science and international relations, geography, sociology, law, and psychology. Senior high school graduates who choose this course are known as future shapers that will build progress and ideals for the nation.

HUMMS focuses on training and learning on media and information, oral communication, and enhancing reading and writing skills. Part of training the learners who are under this course is to expose them to various writing-related activities or studies like research and case studies. The careers that commonly commence with HUMSS include journalists, lawyers, teachers, writers, police officers, psychologists or even becoming priests.

If you are a graduate student of the HUMSS last school year 2020-2021 and is still undecided where to study in the next school year, here are some colleges in Mindanao that you may end up enrolling in:

Cagayan de Oro College-PHINMA

Cagayan de Oro College-PHINMA is a private non-sectarian college owned by the Philippine Investment Management Corporation located at Max Suniel St, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.

The college offers a wide range of courses including education, criminology, arts and sciences, commerce, engineering, nursing, medical technology, pharmacy, mass communication, and vocational education. The college is known for its tagline: Making Lives Better through Education. It is also famous for its Criminology, Mass Communication, and Teacher Education Courses that are stemmed from the HUMSS senior strand.

Cagayan de Oro College – Phinma Education Network (COC-PHINMA) was ranked 3rd in the list of 70 Top Criminology Schools in the Philippines in the year 2019.  It is also among the top-performing schools when it comes to its Teacher Education courses like Bachelor of Secondary Education and Bachelor of Elementary Education. The Mass Communication department also produces professionals that are now working in communication industries not just in Mindanao but in different regions in the country. It has produced top notchers in the Licensure Examinations not just in its Criminology and Education department but also in Accountancy, Engineering, and Architecture. 

PHINMA Education is making quality education accessible in key growth areas all over the Philippines with an affordable tuition fee rate. Through its efforts, more students are able to earn a degree and become globally competitive in their chosen careers. 

Lourdes College

Lourdes College is a private, Roman Catholic college managed by the Congregation of the Religious of the Virgin Mary in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. It was founded by Archbishop James T.G. Hayes, S.J. in 1928.

Lourdes College though it is a Roman Catholic institution, it accepts students from different beliefs for they believe that education should be accessible to all. The school offers undergraduate and graduate courses in various disciplines, including Music, Social Sciences, Allied Health Sciences, Business Administration, and Teacher Education.

The college is among the schools that offer bachelor's degree courses in Social Work, Teacher Education, and Library Information Science which are courses that HUMSS graduates may enroll in. Lourdes College ranked 2nd Top Performing School nationwide with a passing rate of 83.33% and has produced 2 top-notchers in the latest Licensure Examination for Social Workers that was released on February 17, 2021. They also yielded licensed librarians after passing the latest Librarian’s Licensure Examinations. 

San Pedro College

San Pedro College is a private institution run by the Dominican Sisters of the Trinity in Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philippines. It is also Catholic research and coeducational basic and higher education that was founded in 1956.

The Duterte siblings; Sarah and Sebastian were notable alumni of the institution. Though the school is known for its Medical and Healthcare related courses, it is also among the best colleges that a HUMSS graduate who would like to pursue a degree in psychology and guidance counseling should consider.

The college got the spotlight in the latest Guidance Counselor Licensure Examination where they hit a 92% passing rate for all its first-time takers, which made the school ranked 8 out of the 40 colleges who participated in the Licensure Examination. The college also offers a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a four-year degree program that deals with the study of human behavior for aspiring psychologists. A graduate of both Psychology and Guidance Counseling may also take a Licensure Examination to acquire a license to practice being a psychometrician.

The achievement of the institution is part of their mission to commit themselves to continually: build a nurturing Christian community with a passion for truth, service, and excellence.

Christ the King College

Christ the King College is a Catholic school administered by the Religious of the Virgin Mary, the first pontifically approved women congregation in the country. It is located in Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines. It was started in 1947 to formalize Catholic education in the city.

Christ the King College is considered one of the institutions a HUMSS graduate should consider in pursuing their degree course in Teacher Education, Social Work and Criminology especially if situated in near the said city or in Misamis Oriental. Their Teacher Education soared high and got a 100% passing rate in the Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers in 2019 for BSED-Filipino Majors. Aside from the Teacher Education program, the college also performed well and even topped the board with a 90.50 percent rate and got the 1st rank in the Midwife’s Licensure Examination held in April 2016. 

Christ the King College has become a vital partner of the city in producing professionals and in providing quality catholic education at affordable tuition fees to the people of Gingoog. 

St. Michael’s College

St. Michael’s College is a Roman Catholic learning institution located in Iligan, Lanao del Norte, Philippines. The institution is administered by the Religious of the Virgin Mary Sisters offering the four levels of education.

St. Michael's College is an institution for HUMSS graduates in the region who would like to earn a degree in Philosophy, Psychology, or Criminology with an affordable tuition fee. With a mission to contribute through higher education to the enhancement of the human person and the advancement of human culture in light of the Catholic faith. St. Michael’s College was ranked top 7 among the Top Universities and Colleges in the Philippines Based on Web Presence in 2015. 

Final thoughts

The above-mentioned college institutions are just a few among the colleges that open their doors to Humanities and Social Sciences strand graduates of the DepEd's K-12 program. As early as now, it is best to list down the factors that for you will make a suitable college for HUMMS related degree in your tertiary education. Consider reflecting on what you enjoy doing, what keeps you moving, and what drives you, as well as keeping an open mind while searching for opportunities and options to enable you to choose the right degree and school that will lead and help you be in the career of your dreams.

Private schools in the Philippines like Georgia International Academy see to it that its HUMMS senior high school graduates are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills that will prepare them for their tertiary education. Senior high students will be exposed to the right learning environment where they can get insights and hone their skills through Georgia’s internship programs and activities. Georgia’s enrollment is ongoing for next school year. Get in touch with one of their team here.