Music & Art

  • Feb. 1, 2020
Music & Art

It's time to dance with music,  paint & make your own musical instruments. 

A 2-week Camp for young children that exposes them to music and art activities. Children will explore the different elements of music (e.g., rhythm, pitch, tempo, melody, harmony) and elements of art (lines, shapes, color, texture, space and feeling) through various fun-learning activities. In addition, the young children will be exposed to routines that build independence, self-esteem and creativity.

Have a full of fun "Live Interactive Class" with the following activities:

  1. Circle Time
  2. Arts and DIY Musical Instrument
  3. Dance and Movement

The MUSIC AND ART Class is for 2-4 years old. Children will be doing home based activities which are parent-facilitated for 10 days. Activities may be done based on the parent’s availability/schedule. 

We’ll be providing the list of materials via google classroom. Communication will be done either through google classroom, zoom or viber.

Details of the class:
Age Group: 2-4 years old
No. of Sessions: 8 sessions
Schedule: may be given upon request
Starting Date: may be given upon request

The program is inclusive of the following:
1. 3x a week Live Interactive Classes (30 mins.)
2. Feedback Report
3. Progress Checklist
4. Virtual Graduation
5. Certificate of Participation