Online Ballet Class

  • Feb. 1, 2020
Online Ballet Class


Let those tiny little toes point and flex as they learn the skill for ballet! 


The ONLINE BALLET CLASS is  designed for children to experience the fundamentals of ballet positions, floor stretches, balance and coordination exercises that allows artistic expressions and boosts confidence.


Details of the class: 

Age group:2.5-15 yrs old

No. of Sessions: 8



Play Ballet (3-4 years old)

Time: Wed & Fri, 1PM

Date:may be given upon request

Time: Saturday only, 2PM
Date: may be given upon request


Pre-Ballet (5-10 years old)

Time: Wed & Fri 2PM 

Date: may be given upon request


Time: Saturday only, 3pm

Date: may be given upon request

The platform to be used for the live class is “ZOOM” Cloud Meeting Application that can be installed on any device. 


The program is inclusive of the following: 

  1. 45 minutes / session (8 Sessions)

     2. Certificate of Participation

  1. Progress Checklist
  2. Congratulatory Post

You may avail uniform with us. *We can send the photo for your reference.

The delivery fee should be shouldered by the parent.