Reading Comprehension

  • Feb. 1, 2020
Reading Comprehension

Our program encourages a love for reading that can help the students excel academically and develop their critical thinking skills. Competencies vary depending on the age level. It is important for the students to develop their love for reading as early as possible to help them develop their communications skills, verbally and nonverbally, and develop their understanding of the English language. The Reading Comprehension will help the children expand their knowledge on vocabulary, context clues, and proper use of words when it comes to the English language. This is the perfect opportunity for those students who have zero basic knowledge of English to experience and appreciate reading!


The Reading Comprehension program is 6 - 16 yrs old. The platform to be used for the live class is “ZOOM” Cloud Meeting Application that can be installed on any device and preferably the students should have a reliable internet connection to help them clearly understand the classes. We’ll be providing home based activities via Google classroom and progress report at the same time. 

Details of the class:

No. of Sessions: 10

Start Date: Every Monday


Monday, Wednesday and Friday- Live Sessions via ZOOM Class)

Tuesday and Thursday- Home-based Activity (Google Classroom)

Time: (Depends on age/grade level)