Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy


4.1 Refund on tuition fees only may be given under the following conditions:

Before the start of classes90% of tuition fee
During the 1st week of classes90% of tuition fee
During the 2nd week of classes80% of tuition fee
Beyond two (2) weeks from the start of classes0% tuition fee

4.2 If the withdrawal is due to a valid and justifiable reason, the student shall only be charged the proportionate tuition fee up to the last month of attendance. Otherwise, the student shall be charged with the corresponding tuition fee for the entire school year. No official clearance will be released unless unsettled accounts are paid..

  1. 4.2.1  For the purpose of this provision, “justifiable and valid reasons” shall mean but not limited to:

    1. (a)  Transfer of residence to another province or country

    2. (b)  Sickness, duly attested by a medical certificate that prevents the student from attending

      classes in any other school for the rest of the academic year

    3. (c)  Recommendation of the principal

  2. 4.2.2  While the following are not considered “justifiable and valid reasons”:

    1. (a)  Voluntary transfer to another school

    2. (b)  Lack of adjustment to school or to teachers

    3. (c)  Misunderstandings

    4. (d)  Lack of enthusiasm

Georgia Academy shall exercise sole discretion in determination of valid and justifiable reasons.


No return, refund and cancellation will be processed through the website.
All return, refund and cancellation must be communicated to the School Admission Officer/Cashier. The request will be forwarded to Accounting Department for approval and processing
Any amount for return or refund will be processed through check.